Let the nature inspire

Leave the high-rises, pollution and chaos of city life. Come lie beneath the clear blue skies… Breathe in the fresh, cool air.
Find peace and quiet, deep in the forest. And new ideas will awaken, Like a hundred green leaves at the dawning of spring.



In recent years, we have lost a lot of the greenness which used to make cities like Bangkok a fantastic place to live in. Where beautiful trees once stood, we now have nothing but cold, concrete buildings. Our team recognizes just how important trees are in giving us shade on sunny days and fresh air to sustain our lives. And so, through the project, we hope that we are doing our part in painting this city green once more.



Art, in its many forms, is a tool for expressing the inner thoughts and emotions of its creator. And for that reason, above all else,
it is a thing of beauty. Art, whether visual, theatrical or musical, is that which feeds our souls and gives meaning to the human experience. One of the guiding missions of Naiipa’s project is to promote the development of all forms of art, and ultimately change our society for the better.



Break the routine of your work life by breaking out of the four-walled, dreary room you call your office! Our building stands in the middle of grand, imposing trees, as though it had sprung up within a great forest. In this peaceful and open environment, you will have the freedom to use your creativity to its full potential, significantly improving the quality of your work and life.